Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Menu Plan - Pantry Dates Update

A huge thank you to my mom for feeding me and the 4 littles these last 10 days. It has helped very much with the grocery budget. We're not quite home yet, but I still wanted to get a menu planned for as soon as I get home.

Here's what I have that is still past date:
ridiculous amounts of frosting & marshmallows
stir fry seasoning
boxed rice, chicken flavor
cereal, Annie's

Monday - still out of town
Tuesday - stir fry (using seasoning & garden veggies)
Wednesday - baked pasta (using garden tomatoes)
Thursday - soft tacos
Friday - Small Group (take dessert for DD#4 birthday)
Saturday - Dinner out
Sunday - Macaronda with chicken (company for dinner)

Monday - still out of town
Tuesday - Mac'n'Cheese
Wednesday - Quesadilla
Thursday - PB&J (at church)
Friday - French Toast
Saturday - BBQ with family
Sunday - All-Church BBQ

Other thoughts:
1. If anyone sees Rice Krispies on sale, please let me know. I have to use up the marshmallows somehow.
2. I ground up those coffee beans from 2011 and just added them to coffee can. DH hasn't said a word, so I think they must be OK.


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