Thursday, January 27, 2011

Staple-less Stapler - Green and Frugal

Can I just start by saying that The Container Store is one of my very favorite places? Of course I can! They just come up with the coolest stuff EVER including this green and frugal idea: A Stapler that doesn't use staples!
You save cash because you don't have to buy staples, but the cooler part is that you aren't sending a bunch of staples to a landfill. And it's only seven bucks.

DH gave me one of these in white for Christmas and so far I've been impressed. A tab is punched through the pages, folded over, and tucked through slits. You can see the tab cut-out on the red paper in the above photo.
In a test designed for this blog 2 pages 'stapled' together survived a fall off the desk, but not a hearty flinging by my 5 year old.

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