Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friday Project - Craft Room

This Friday project was completely back before Thanksgiving, but I might as well show you the pictures . . .

We moved our office upstairs to the formal dining room over a year ago when we had some water issues in our daylight basement. There was room to put a kids' table in here, too which I was excited to get into the house. It had been in the garage for over a year where it sat waiting for me to repaint it. I finally got over that unrealistic expectation of myself and brought it in.

Little did I know the havoc a craft table could create! Have a look at this photo (that's DD3 showing off her mess-making prowess).

I expressed to DH my great frustration with this room and how embarassing it was going to be when his family came to visit on Thanksgiving. I also told him how I hoped to contain the mess. I went out that weekend for my regular time away and came home to this sparkling gem!

Hooray! It was very nearly perfect. The horrible, messy craft supplies were packed into their clear, lidded shoeboxes and put out of the kids' reach (foam stickers, ribbons, stamps, glue-on gems). The less messy things were put in the bookshelves where the kids could access them independently (like markers and scratch paper). The kids have to ask for the messier supplies and I make sure they get put away quickly, so it's working out well so far. We also moved an old CD player into this room and all the kid music so they have their own place for tunes.

Huge thanks to Ed, my dear, dear, DH.

On a craft-related note, has anyone discovered a good glue for kids that isn't too messy? I thought I had found a hit in O-Glue, but they keep leaving the lid off and drying out the sponge tip.


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