Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick Notes - Albertson's & Safeway

Albertson's has double coupons in their regular mail ad this week! They are good Wednesday through Saturday. If your Sunday paper is still lying around have a look at those coupon inserts and see if you can get an awesome deal by doubling.

I was at the 85th street Safeway in Kirkland tonight (yes, in the snow) and they have lots of organic items on clearance. There are about 8 different kinds of cereal & granola (on dry goods clearance shelves near the orange juice) and a big selection of frozen organic food including Quorn chicken nuggets (in end cap freezer case, clearance on bottom shelf). So if any you local organic shoppers like to find bargains, all those things are 50% off.

It was a busy weekend and I've done my Bible study at the end of the day the past few days. Hoping to manage to get up early tomorrow so I can make several posts! Including my snowy shopping trip from tonight!


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