Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Groceries this week: $71

Last night I met a friend for coffee just as the snow started falling. When we wrapped up I headed out to two grocery stores, Red Apple in Bridle Trails and Safeway. I had a $5/25 coupon at Red Apple and Safeway had some good coupons.

Here's what I bought for $26.49:

Red Apple - I spent $25.08 to use the $5 off coupon. Groceries including 20% discount included $3.20 for 2# cheddar, $.20 each for yogurt cups, bananas for $.40/lb and mac'n'cheese for $.35/box. I also bought diapers, but these are the grocery part of the purchase.

Safeway - $.99 salad dressing, 3/$1 kiwi and $1.69/lb boneless skinless chicken breast.

This is a Top Foods trip from over the weekend where I spent $44.86:

Yes, those are 2 hams and No, I didn't need them. I bought them because I love ham and it was only $.99/lb. I proably should have skipped it to save the budget . . .
  • I bought milk here because their organic brand was 25% off so it was only $4.11 a gallon.
  • Gogurt was $1.67 and I bought it because one of my kiddos will only eat frozen tube yogurt and I haven't found organic on clearance in a long while.
  • Progresso soup was $1.25 on sale with an additional $.50 off if you buy 10. I also had MC for $1/4 so I ended up paying only $.50 for each can.
  • Bananas are $.59/lb regular price
  • Eggs were $.99/dozen and I bought 2 dozen because that's such a great price lately.
  • Tomatoes were on sale, but looking at the receipt now I realize I got charged for tomatoes on the vine instead of romas.

I also accidentally picked up 2 cans of soup that were not included in the Buy 10 deal, but I caught that at the register and was able to make a quick swap. And I just called TOP and they refunded me the full price of the tomatoes! Very cool and very easy.


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