Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Resourceful Tip? - Ceiling Fan Seasonal Switcheroo

Usually we just run our ceiling fan in the summer to make the heat more bearable in our lots-of-daylight-so-it's-like-a-greenhouse home. I have heard, however, that you can also run a ceiling fan in winter to circulate warm air.

This doesn't really sound legit to me because a fan in summer doesn't really cool things down, but the movement of the air makes you feel cooler. Why would air movement in winter be any help?

I saw this idea again in the December issue of All You, suggesting that if the blades run clockwise (instead of counter-clockwise like in the summer to keep cool) that the updraft will recycle heat throughout the room. The magazine also said that most ceiling fans have button on the base that changes the fan's direction.

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone with a more scientific mind than mine want to weigh in on whether or not this actually would work?


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