Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Master Bathroom

I never quite finished the Master Bathroom, but I am sick of staring at it as a "draft" in my queue of posts so I'm just going to publish it unfinished.

I cleaned and organized the bathroom way back in June or July but had a couple little things hanging out that kept me from "finishing" and posting about it.

Here's the original list I made:
Scrub all porcelain fixtures
Scour all faucet parts with Comet & toothbrush
Clean light fixture
Bleach spray on ceiling
Wash shower curtain
Bleach shower curtain liner
Dust cabinet tops
Pull everything out of under-sink cabinet and toss or keep
Pull everything out of wall cabinet and toss or keep
Pull everthing off the wall shelf and toss or keep
Scrub floor with green pad (usual cleaning is a swiffer dry wipe.

All of this stuff took me at least three days - one day for washing the shower curtain & liner, another day for sorting & organizing various baskets and bins of junk, and finally another day to clean. I never got to bleaching the ceiling. I did find I needed to do a couple more tasks in the process of deep cleaning.

First, our metal trash can had left some rust rings on the floor. I planned to use Rustoleum to clean those off easily, but I couldn't find my bottle and I haven't bought more yet, so those rust stains were still there a few days ago. Bless DH for cleaning the bathroom and just scrubbing those rusty spots off the floor! Who knew? I was so sure I had to buy special cleaner! But I did glue felt (from girls' craft stuff) to the bottom of the trash can. We'll see if that does the trick. Here are photos:

I also swept the fan cover in the ceiling. It was super dusty, but I never even noticed until I was really cleaning.

It feels good to have this bathroom cleaned & organized, but since it's not a public space it's less satisfying. I have been enjoying the newly organized baskets for two months, but there is no evidence of that deep cleaning anymore. Oh well. At least I know it was really scrubbed recently, even if it only looks normal now.


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