Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Resourceful Tip - Dual Flush Attachment

Several years ago a friend remodeled her bathroom and got this great dual flush toilet. I was impressed with this earth and budget friendly development and loved that she and her husband had chosen it. The basic is idea is that you push the little button for #1 and the big button for #2. My friend shared that she had noticed a decline in their water/sewer bill immediately after installing this new toilet.

Since that time I have planned to get a dual flush toilet should we ever remodel, but a remodel doesn't come along every day. We still have our standard toilets.

But, guess what I found out? There is a product available that essentially converts your toilet to a dual flush operation! And it only costs about $25! The item I read about is called the "Hydroright Dual Flush converter" and is carried by Home Depot, Ace, and Amazon. It's apparently easy to install, too, with no tools required. It allows you to choose a 1 gallon or 3.5 gallon flush and can save up to 15,000 gallons of water per year.

Here's a link:

I am definitely planning to check this out once we get a handle on our "new normal" as a family of 6.


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  1. I agree! The HydroRight dual flush converter is the only way to go. We have had ours for a few months now and with good habits, we have seen savings in the water bill! It works great!


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