Monday, September 20, 2010

Safeway Shopping Trip $40.86

Saturday night, I was at home sitting on the couch thinking, "I so don't want to go shopping. I'll just go tomorrow, but I'll make my list tonight." As I flipped throught the grocery ads I realized some of the Safeway deals were only good through Saturday! Ugh. But I got myself up and went shopping.

Best Deals:
24 double rolls of Safeway tissue - $8
12 double rolls of Cottonelle tissue - $3.20
Frozen corn, dry black beans, brown rice, salad dressing, marinade, salsa - FREE coupons
Nabisco crackers - $1.00 each
3 - 32 oz creamer - $1.46 each

I had a $10/$50 coupon so I was adding up the groceries as I shopped. When I got to the checkout around 11 there was only one lane open and there's no self check-out at the Redmond Safeway. There were 4 people in line ahead of me with 1-3 items each. Another guy with a 6 pack of beer approached as I did and I asked him to go in front of me since I had so many groceries. Then a gal came up with about 8 things in a basket so I kept my place in line. By the time the checker had finished scanning my items there were 6 people in line behind me and one woman had stormed off mumbling about not having time to wait. Finally, the checker called for another checker and then he scanned my coupons and I was able to pay and leave. I have major coupon guilt, can you tell? I hate that I probably irritated all those people in line behind me, but what am I supposed to do? I wasn't in the express lane or anything.

Thankfully the good deals I got helped me avoid feeling too bad and I was in bed by 12 which is pretty good these days.


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  1. I remember once at Albertsons years ago I had like 20 coupons and half of them wouldn't scan and the checker had to enter them by hand. Ugh! Of course there were like 5 people behind me and it was during the dinner hour! The guy behind me had only a couple of things and was standing there shifting his weight from one leg to the other and sighing dramatically...


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