Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 20 - $235.84

Oh Gosh - There was so much shopping this week.  I love the Founder's Day Sale at Fred Meyer so I visited a lot.

It all started Monday when I stopped for milk & hot dog buns and happily realized my favorite sandwich bread was just $0.99, 2# bricks of Tillamook were just $4.99,  and there were lots of clearance deals!  Hamburger buns were $0.59 each, double pack of pizza was $3.59, organic chicken breast was $3.59/lb, organic granny smith apples were $1.00/2.  I also bought 'clean-ish' creamer for $2.00 each and organic apples for $1.49/lb. I spent $52.64.

I didn't get back to Fred Meyer until Friday.  I was super excited to see daiya pizza for just $5.99 each!  These are normally $8 and Fred Meyer and $10 at QFC.  I bought 3 pizzas, 3 organic cucumbers, 2 - 2# bricks of cheese, and 2 nitrate free kielbasa.  I spent $35.80.

Friday I also went to Grocery Outlet and found all sorts of good stuff.  12 pack Quaker granola bars were $2.99 so met my price point of $0.25 each, chocolate wafer cookies were $0.99, Oreos were $0.99, organic granola bars were 6-packs for $1.49, cup noodles were $1.99 for a 12-pack, olives were $0.79, big boxes of graham crackers were $2.99 (good for camping), snickers minis were only $1.25, and annies cracker packs were $2.99.  I also bought a case of vitamin water for DH were $0.69 each and some bananas.  I spent $65.42.

Saturday afternoon I was at Fred Meyer with a kiddo.  I spent $23.10 on 9# of organic potatoes, 3# onions, 3 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, 4 loaves of bread, & 2 more daiya pizzas.  I laid it all out for a photo, then put it away without taking a photo.

Saturday night DH and I had a sitter so we went out to dinner and used our last half hour to check out a new Fred Meyer we were near.  We ended up buying 3 more boxes of cheerios, 2 boxes of Ritz, another daiya pizza, a gallon of organic milk, a little container of organic sour cream, another 2# brick of cheese, 6 yogurt cups, frozen fries, and a package of skittles for DH.  I spent $33.19 on that visit.

Sunday I was back at Fred Meyer.  I know . . . I bought 2 more daiya pizzas (she eats about one of these a week because we have pizza as a family about once  week), a clearance deli chicken, a bag of chips, daiya cheese, bananas, sour cream, cream cheese, marshmallows, & tomatoes.  I spent $25.69.

So the whole week was $235.84
YTD 2017: $2,687.49
Weekly Average: $134.37


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