Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 17 - $191.20

I stopped for milk & bananas Wednesday and hit the jackpot!  QFC had clearance 'simple truth' ground beef for $0.99/lb!  It's 91/9, too.  I bought 16 packages.  I also bought 4 packages of clearance organic beef chunks for stew and 3 organic whole chickens on clearance for $1.79/lb which is cheaper than Costco's $1.99/lb.  I also bought 3 organges, sour cream, ice cream and so delicious non-diary ice cream, a clearance canteloup, a dozen eggs and 2 clearance pizzas.  I spent $114.97!

Friday I stopped in at QFC again for more milk.  I couldn't turn out the amazing deal on Cap'n Crunch cereal.  My kids generally eat really healthy and sugary cereal is a treat reserved for camping so they were amazed and delighted to see all this.  It was just $0.79/box!  I also bought a couple bags of chips for $1.99 each, a few tomatoes, more eggs, 2 boxes of clearance spinach and that milk. I spent $22.90.

Sunday I took DD2 on a take. She was looking for pez candy for her sister's birthday that's coming up.  We found it at Fred Meyer where I also bought 2 gallons of milk, 2 low-ingredient Darigold creamers, graham crackers, organic cucumbers for $0.99/each, organic potatoes for $2.49/3 lb bag, cheap tortillas $0.99, daiya cheese on sale for $4.57, a clearance mozzarella cheeese ball for $2.99, a daiya pizza for $7.99, and an impulse purchase of double Reese's for $1.00.  I spent $45.33.

We looked for pez at the Dollar Tree before going to Fred Meyer and I spent $8.00 on pepperoni, olives, and marshmallows.

Week 17 Total: $191.20
YTD 2017: $2,075.17
Weekly Average: $122.07


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