Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 18 - $175.96

This week I went to Costco on Monday and put my receipt in my jeans pocket instead of my wallet.  DD1, bless her, promptly washed it in my jeans.  I know from my bank statement when I spent and I think I remember the non-food items I bought. So I think I spent about $105 on: 2 bags organic tortilla chips, curry, rice crackers, triscuit crackers, granola bars, organic chicken thighs, organic romaine, organic carrots, organic butter, & sausage.

I had a quick trip to Albertsons' while my kids did homeschool testing on Friday.  I spent $24.83 on cheese, 2 big packs of string cheese, organic half & half, 2 bags of candy, 2 packages of little smokies, and bananas.

My sweet friend participates in a gleaning ministry and I helped her out with carpooling for the homeschool testing.  She shared all this great stuff with me that needed to be used up quickly!  Breads, lettuce, basil, tomatoes, 2 peppers, 2 apples, parsley, a pizza, 2 vegan dinners, 2 packaged salads, GF cupcakes, a few bagels, a few ciabatta rolls, 11 eggs - What a blessing!  And most of it was organic, too!

I almost never shop at my local Safeway because they never have enough checkers and people are grumpy.  I stopped there Saturday though because we were right in that shopping center & I needed mozzarella cheese.  I found all sorts of deals in addition to the cheese and was feeling pretty good about my trip.  Then I headed for the checkout and remembered why I don't shop there, Lol.  I got clearance pot roast, soy yogurt, big pizzas for $4.00, pasta sauce, half & half, corn, sausages, & a chocolate egg for the kiddo who was along.  I also bought milk, some 'enhanced' water for my sick husband, & 2 mangos.  I spent $46.13.

Week 18 Total: $175.96.
YTD 2017: $2,251.14
Weekly Average: $125.06


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