Thursday, May 18, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 19 - $200.51

This week was pretty average as dinners & shopping go.

I stopped into Fred Meyer Tuesday for a couple things to finish dinner.  I hurried home with them, dropped them off with the sitter, and raced off to meet DH for a dinner date.  So no photo.  I spent $24.27 on a can of beans, a can of corn, two gallons of organic milk, bananas, oranges, clearance fresh mozzarella, and a dozen clearance donuts.

I popped into QFC Thursday to grab dairy free cheese and dairy free sour cream.  Poor DD2 had been without them for about a week and she'd missed having them for two Mexican meals.  I ended up finding all sorts of things in clearance including Envirokids cereal, Chex, natural peanut butter for $0.99 each, baby food for $0.69 each, penne for $0.59, chicken noodle soup for $0.59, organic black beans for $0.49, corn for $0.49, and I grabbed chips for a potluck we were attending Friday.  I spent $26.92.

I made a big trip to Costco on Friday morning.  I needed a few things and had said I'd bring watermelon to our Friday potluck.  So I spent $149.32 on a watermelon, a bag of organic brown rice, two boxes of organic fruit snacks, cheerios, chicken nuggets, naan, curry sauce, a loaf of gf bread, a bag of organic tortilla chips, veggie straws, cheetos, a 6 pack of organic mangoes, a bottle of wine, 2 packs of organic chicken thighs, tortillas, organic salsa, & coffee.
Week 19 Total: $200.51
YTD 2017 Total: $2,451.65
Weekly Average: $129.03


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