Monday, January 23, 2017

GF/DF Menu Plan with Pantry Challenge

I ended up making a turkey over the weekend so I'm using parts of it this week.

Monday - turkey noodle soup (gf, ef noodles to try)
Tuesday - pot roast (meat in freezer)
Wednesday - turkey pot pie (gf crust in pantry)
Thursday - pancakes/sausage links (links in freezer)
Friday - Bible Study dinner, bringing a side dish but don't know what yet
Saturday - linguica stew (linguica in freezer, tomatoes in freezer)
Sunday - smoothie & popcorn

Monday - sausages (freezer)
Tuesday - waffles
Wednesday - biscuits & gravy (leftover turkey gravy)
Thursday - turkey sandwiches
Friday - hot dogs/corndogs (gf hot dog buns)
Saturday - waffles
Sunday - grilled cheese

Breakfasts: canned fruit & oatmeal.  Berries.

to buy:
more potatoes
yogurt & df yogurt for smoothies
2 gallons milk


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