Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 2 - $33.90

This week DH and I were in Disneyland for 3 days.  Praise the Lord our flight was able to land in Portland Wednesday afternoon, but then the roads were so bad no one could come pick us up at the airport!  Eventually we were able to figure out how to get an Uber ride to my aunt's house in the suburbs where our 5 kids were with my aunt, uncle, & mom.  The lame part of the Uber was that drivers were in high demand so we had to pay 2x the typical charge!  The awesome part of the Uber was that the driver showed up in minutes, was friendly with a clean car, and he had the tire chains that were required to drive that day.  The snow was so bad we had to stay the night and drive Thursday after all DH's work meetings ended for the day.  And then there was NO WATER until the pipes thawed Friday evening.

So my meal plan kind of went out the window.  We ended arriving home almost at 11pm Thursday.  Friday was box mac'n'cheese & taco soup in the crockpot.  I didn't use any water cooking dry beans but found enough frozen beans to make the soup.

TMI, I used ice from my frosted over freezer to melt pots of water.  Then I dumped the water into the toilet bowls to force a flush when needed.  I felt SUPER resourceful.

Saturday I made pancakes & bacon for lunch and the kids had saucy chicken over rice for dinner.
Sunday we had grilled cheese, smooothies, & a can of soup for lunch.  Dinner was popcorn & smoothies.

Friday I went to the grocery store since we were out of just about everything. I bought organic yogurt to make smoothies $4.69, creamer for $0.87, organic cottage cheese for $1.79, organic romaine for $2.00, 2 bell peppers for $0.99, whipping cream for $0.99, bananas and an organic cucumber for $1.50.  I don't know why I splurged on cottage cheese but I spent $13.93.

Saturday I bought a gallon of organic milk for $5.99 & I had to tell the kids we're switching back to oatmeal.  Organic milk is expensive!

I also went to Costco to buy hummus and rice crackers.  Technically the rice crackers aren't part of the pantry challenge, but I'm doing a 'clean eating' thing and need something I can eat!  I spent $13.98.

Overall I spent $33.90, which is much more than I hoped.

Week 2 Total: $33.90
YTD 2017: $48.85
Weekly Average: $24.43

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