Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 3 - $45.86

Shoot.  There's no way I can keep to $20/week.  It'll be more like $35 while I continue to try and use my stockpile.  The good news is I'm using lots of stuff out of my pantry & freezer!  I have almost everything on the pantry shelves instead of the floor (other than the bulk buckets that are supposed to be there).  And I'm finding stuff in the freezer like some chicken and masses of sausage links.  We'll definitely be cooking sausage up with our weekly pancakes.

Ok - Groceries:

DH went to the store Monday and bought a gallon of conventional milk for $2.99.

I went to Haggen on Wednesday.  I happened to be near one and they had some good sales!  It was B1G1 for 5# onions and 1# organic carrots.  Organic potatoes were $3.00 for a 3# bag and organic romaine hearts were $3.99.  Eggs were $0.99 each with a coupon & I picked up a few bananas adn two apples.  Now, I'm not likely to use all 10 pounds of onions before they go bad, but I would have paid 75% of the price for just 3# so I figured if I even use 4 pounds I 'break even' on the price.  I spent $17.30.

I went to Fred Meyer Thursday, resigned that I really had to buy more milk and ketchup.  I decided to up my weekly goal to $30.  I also bought sour cream & DD2's dairy free sour cream.  I spent $10.53.

Then Saturday night DH ran out of creamer.  And we had planned to make popcorn with company, but DD2 was out of butter.  So DH went to the store.  He paid $3.29 for cream that I usually don't spend more than $2.00 on, bought organic milk (instead of the conventional he bought Monday - thankyouverymuch) just because it's good to have extra so we don't run out, and 2 kinds of dairy free butter because he wasn't sure which to buy.  It was $15.04.

Total for Week 3: $45.86
YTD 2017 Total: $94.71
Weekly Average: $31.57

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