Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 49 - $138.22

Monday I stopped into QFC for dairy-free cream cheese.  I was delighted to find about 25 pounds of Organic Honeycrisp apples on clearance.  They cost $10.00 in total and I was sure they would make delicious applesauce & teacher gifts for our homeschool co-op.  I also got a gallon of organic milk, 2 half gallons of juice for $0.99 on clearance, soy yogurt on clearance, organic cottage cheese on clearance, and a couple of bell peppers also on clearance.  Seriously, bargain central for $29.80.

I went to the Dollar Store Tuesday with the kiddos because DD4 really wanted to buy silly putty.  I spent $3.00 on a couple grocery items.

I had found Annie's organic fruit roll-ups at a Grocery Outlet out of town recently & all my kids liked it!  So I went to a local Grocery Outlet when I was out on errands Tuesday to see if I could find more.  No luck on the fruit-roll-ups, but I scored majorly with the rice krispie treats.  Boxes of 16 were just $2.49 making each snack just about $0.15, well below my price point of $0.25 each.  I also bought GF granola bars for $1.99/box for the kiddo that can't have rice krispie treats due to her gluten allergy.  I also found Glutino cereal bars for $1.49and GF Annie's bunny crackers for $0.99 each.  There was also a big box of Annie's organic fruit snacks that were Halloween, some tomatoes, and a bag of onions.  I spent $36.76.

Friday, I went to QFC for olives & zucchini.  I found clearance organic ground turkey for $3.50 each, 16 oz brick cheese for $2.49 each.  I also grabbed a hand of bananas & a pound of bacon on clearance for $3.29.  I also picked up Daiya dairy-free shredded cheese for DD2 for a whopping $5.49 since we were completely out.  Incidentally, I placed an Amazon now order later that evening to get quick birthday gifts for a party on Saturday.  I wasn't at the required $20.00 so I thought I'd look at grocery items to see what was reasonably priced.  To my surprise I found the same shredded Daiya cheese for just $3.92 for the same sized package!  So I bought 3.  I spent $11.76 on Amazon and $50.91 at QFC.

Saturday morning I got parsley at Haggen on my way to a friend's house & a gallon of organic milk on Sunday when I was out with a kiddo (none left at home).  I spent $1.00 on the parsely & $4.99 on the milk.

Week 49 Total: $138.22
YTD 2016: $7,710.45
Weekly Average: $157.36


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