Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 52 - $201.32

I was pleased to have my coupons back and sorted again this week.  It had been a couple of months since I had everything organized.  I was delighted to spend just $38.26 Monday at Fred Meyer using 10 newly organized coupons. Crackers were $1.17 each after coupons, creamer was $1.50 after coupons, cottage cheese was just $0.19!, chips were $1.51 each, frozen fries were $1.59, cheese was $2.85 for a pound, and little smokies were $1.75.  On clearance I found hot dog buns, donuts, and turkey lunchmeat. I also got a gallon of organic milk, some bananas, and brownie mixes.

I popped in to QFC for milk and fruit on Thursday.  I also found some deli strawberries for $0.99, and pork for $2.19.  I was excited for the pork since I'm making a pork chili for a party next weekend.  I spent $14.91 this trip (including the gallon of organic milk not pictured).

I had an interesting experience at Costco on Friday.  I bought way more than I intended which is a little unusual for me, but when I went through the very busy checkout line I left a few bigger items in the cart with their barcodes up, ready to scan.  The cashier scanned the movie tickets I was buying and moved on to the conveyor items.  I finished the transaction and waited for the cashier assistant to return with the movie tickets.  While waiting I looked over my receipt and realized those 3 items in the cart hadn't been scanned.  The cashier had moved on to the next customer so I told the assistant.  He said, "Oh, they would have caught that at the door.  We'll get this taken care of."  He got the cashier's attention to tell him and he seemed annoyed.  Yes, he'd made a mistake but I said, "Sorry.  Just want to do the right thing."  He said, "Well, they'd catch it at the door anyway" and rang up the 3 items.  By then I was kind of annoyed that no one was taking responsibility/admitting error and instead making ME feel uncomfortable.  So I put the receipt for the 3 items in my pocket and exited with the original receipt.  Of course no one 'caught it' and I felt a smug private satisfaction that I had indeed done the right thing.  I spent $125.74 on food including organic chips, kettle chips, organic juice boxes, chicken cordon bleu, organic coconut milk, tortillas, GF bread, curry sauce, organic feta, snack cheese, cinnamon, yellow curry, chicken nuggets, bananas, organic sugar and vanilla beans to try and make the Against All Grain vanilla creamer recipe.

We were out of milk - again - on Saturday so I zipped into QFC before they closed for the night and bought a gallon of organic milk, a gallon of clearance chocolate milk, clearance naan, clearance mayo, clearance black beans and clearance cooked chicken. I also grabbed sour supreme for my GF/DF kiddo because she was out.  I spent $22.41.

Week 52 Total: $201.32
YTD 2016 Total: $8,121.18
Weekly Average: $156.18
For the first time in the 4 years I've been keeping track of groceries I'm having a week 53.  My 2017 Week 1 will start on January 2. 
The annual January pantry challenge will also begin on January 2.  This year I aim to spend just $20/week on dairy & produce and have to use my pantry & freezer stockpile for everything else. 


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