Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 51 - $82.56

My Aunt invited us to Portland in week 51 for a baking extravaganza.  Mostly it was her and me baking while the kids played on her wii, but we got lots done.

While in Portland I made a trip to Fred Meyer right when we arrived.  I bought some chips, popcorn, & peanut butter m&m's along with a bunch of non-food stuff I forgot.  I spent $3.00 on food.  Later in the week I went to Grocery Outlet for evaporated milk & sugar and ended up finding mostly organic mac'n'cheese for just $0.50/box and DD2's favorite GF/DF snack bars for $2.00/box.  I also picked up a bag of lettuce and a little pouch of lunchmeat.  I spent $23.67 on food.  And my sweet friend found wide, egg-free, GF noodles and picked me up  package.  Yay! 
We came home Saturday and I immediately went shopping for ingredients I needed for a party that night. I bought organic spinach, orange juice, garbanzo beans, organic mint, organic hummus, organic fennel & a veggie tray.  On clearance I found a bag of apples, isernio's sausage, and gf pizza crust mix.  I spent $28.90 after a weird 15% off that appeared at the end of my transaction.
 I knew Chex were on sale at Fred Meyer from my visit in Portland.  I had my coupons on Saturday so after the party we swung in and I grabbed a few things.  6 boxes of Chex for $1.99 less $0.50 each with coupons.  I grabbed chocolate chips because I was completely out and peanut butter m&m's because they were on sale and I had a coupon.  I also bought clementines and a bag of clearance pears, 2 organic zucchini and an organic cucumber.  I bought some eggs so I could make deviled eggs for a brunch Sunday morning.  I spent $26.99. 
I didn't shop Sunday.

Week 51 Total: $82.56
YTD 2016 Total: $7,919.86
Weekly Average: $155.29

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