Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 2 - $19.84

So far, so good sticking to the $20 per week.  It helped tremendously to be at my mother-in-law's house the bulk of the week with permission to "use up this food" in her freezer.

I found a big container of turkey stock in her freezer (from Thanksgiving 2013) and some boneless, skinless chicken breast.  I used those and made some chicken vegetable soup one night with carrots, onion, celery, & spices.  Another night I made beef & broccoli with a partially used bag of broccoli florets and some steak dated September 2013.  My mil found some really old beef bullion cubes since she didn't have any beef brother and I used more celery, green onion, and white onion.  In short, I didn't have to spend much on groceries and I was using someone else's pantry/freezer.

I went to Von's (like Safeway) our first morning there to buy almond milk for the detox I was starting.  I found organic almond milk for 25% off and while there I ran across organic guacamole on clearance. I bought two of those (only one pictured).  I spent $10.66.

Later in the week we ran out of milk as the girls had Grandma's cold cereal every morning.  I dashed to Von's again for organic milk and picked up a head of organic lettuce, too.  I spent $9.18 on those two items.

I only spent $19.84 for Week 2.
Weekly average so far: $13.85

I have some basic to buy this week including milk again and onions.  I haven't made a menu plan yet, so we'll have to see what emerges for the grocery list.

I discovered another Pantry Challenge bonus this week.  Since I'm not drinking coffee on the detox, DH is the only one using the coffee creamer.  We are using it much more slowly.  He uses a lot in his one or two mugs per day, and I use a little as I sip coffee all day long and it adds up.  I don't think I'll have to buy creamer all month - Hooray!


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