Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 13 - $146.63

Lots of shopping this week - Again!

Albertsons on Tuesday for Ken's dressing for $0.74, $0.49 and $0.49 after coupons.  More creamer (I know this stuff is so just JUNK but I haven't gotten my act together to try the couple of recipes I am planning to give a go) and boneless, skinless chicken was $1.99/lb.  I spent $27.63.

QFC Wednesday to get the Rice Krispies on sale for $1.99 and I had coupons to average out to $1.60/box.  I found organic yogurt on clearance for $2.29, some granola for the kids to put in their yogurt (but I accidentally bought granola cereal which they are happily eating for breakfast, but refuse to put in the yogurt), some crackers and drinks for an upcoming road trip and some clearance donut holes for  a hubby treat.  I spent $32.43.

I spent $36.17 at Fred Meyer Saturday.  I bought chicken nuggets, tortilla chips, sour cream, cottage cheese, brick cheddar, a few pears, bananas, bell peppers on sale (for munching this week) and bell peppers on clearance (for immediate fajitas and dice/freezing), popcorn, and those protein wrap things DH really likes were on clearance and I had coupons so they were $0.59 each.  I used to have $0.50 as my price point for DH grab'n'go meals, but it's become so hard to find I thought $0.59 was OK.

I went to QFC once more for more Rice Krispies.  I found another coupon online and there were peelies for free marshmallows on the boxes I bought last week, so I used those, too.  I bought eggs for dyeing, more granola, a couple bags of chips, crackers, clearance yogurt, and clearance baby food jars.  I spent $36.93.

Milk was the usual 13.47

Total Groceries Week 13: $146.63
Total Groceries Year-to-date: $1,077.93
Weekly Average 2014: $82.92

I recognize there were a huge amount of chips this week.  I will not be buying any next week.


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