Saturday, January 10, 2015

January Update

I wanted to post a quick update on our emergency fund progress.  We were able to save a bit in December and are at 47% of our goal, up from 45% last month.  We'll keep on chipping away at it in January.  We participated in my husband's Employee Stock Purchase Plan for the first time in the Oct/Nov/Dec buy, so we'll have some stock we can sell this month and that should be a big boost. 

My big goal for December was to get all my kids' clothing bins put away and I did it!  Hooray!  In the midst of Christmas I was really happy to get this project completed. 

My January goals are food related.  I'm participating in a detox for the first time starting just a couple of days.  It pretty much a "clean-eating" thing and not a "you can only eat cauliflower for a month" thing.  I'm sure it will be manageable, but it means a few difference in dinners and a lot of discipline on my part to not snack on all the junk I usually snack on.  Also, no caffeine is going to be hard even though I've been weaning myself off of it all week.  My other food goal for January is get the pantry organized and ready for the pantry challenge starting Feb 1. 

Love, Katie

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