Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 1: $50.33

Here we go with the grocery recording again.  I'll keep it up in 2015 since I do really like comparing to the prior year. 

I went to QFC on Monday night to inquire about the bag of groceries left behind on Saturday.  They kindly let me pick out those items that had been left, but I insisted on only taking the shelf stable things.  Really, I wasn't OK taking packages of ground chicken that were no longer on clearance for $0.99!  But I was really thankful to get replacements for my summer sausage roll, pasta sauce,  and cottage cheese that was still on clearance!  There's something to be said for great customer service.  I'm certain I wouldn't have been given such grace at a Wal-Mart. 

Anyway, while at QFC I spotted these Smokies, and because we all love them I got two packages.  I spent $2.98.

I went to Albertson's on Wednesday night.  I had planned to visit Value Village with my 30% of total purchase coupon, but they closed early for New Year's Eve!  Bummed that I didn't get to use my coupon.  Instead I picked up $1.00 whipped cream at the Dollar Store and headed to Albertsons.  I spent $20.45 on yogurt cups at $0.38/each, cottage cheese on clearance for $1.00 each, some GF popcorn to try on our road trip for $2.50 each (splurge!), oranges for $3.99, a cucumber, tea on clearance for $0.79, and lunchmeat for $0.99.  Overall a good shopping trip.

I shopped once more at QFC on Friday and while I laid everything out for a photo, I didn't take it before I put all the groceries away!  It's just so busy around here, I guess. =)  Anway, I bought clearance cornflakes for $0.99, a pound of fresh mozzarella for $4.99, a nitrate-free sausage rope for $2.99, 3 cucumbers for $0.69 each, clearance croissants for $2.99.  Altogether I spent $14.03 on food.

Milk delivery was $12.87 and no eggs.

2015 Groceries Week 1: $50.33

I've decided to delay my pantry challenge for a few weeks.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to plan meals for the detox and just need to wait on the pantry challenge.  I'll likely start in February and run into March. 

Love, Katie

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