Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 4 - $92.91

I am finally home from our road trip!  I didn't do any shopping the first half of the week as we were super busy and exhausted from taking our kids into Disneyland for 3 days in a row. 

I'm still having some trouble getting pictures to load . . .

On the drive home we stopped at Trader Joe's and I picked up organic oranges & cheese sticks for the kids' car snacks.  I got myself some organic baby carrots & organic hummus which are allowed on the detox.  I'm halfway finished!  I spent $14.14.

And today I went to Costco as we are out of many things (on purpose because we were leaving town for 12 days) and had guests coming for dinner.  I spent $78.77 all on food:  Organic tortilla chips, cheeses, lettuce, organic pears, bananas, organic carrots, sour cream, cottage cheese, and organic maple syrup.

So this week I spent $92.91 on groceries.
My weekly average so far in 2015 is $68.23.


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