Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Week 45 Groceries - $128.49

I've been having trouble getting my camera to connect to my computer so no photos.  Rats!

And I'm behind in posting because we've been having internet trouble again, but I think it's finally fixed.  Yay! 

So weekly groceries:

I didn't shop until the weekend because I was waiting for my weekly household allowance that I usually give myself on Fridays.  So I went to QFC on Friday while I had a sitter for the younger 3 and found lots on clearance.  We got 4 packages of breakfast sausage links for $1.99 each, hummus for $1.99, a big organic greek yogurt for $3.49, an Adam's peanut butter for $2.19 and 8 bags of apples for $0.99 each.  I also got a pomegranate because my oldest daughter just loves them and a package of lunch meat for $3.49.  I spent $21.05 total.  I also noticed GF spice cake mix on clearance and it was a kind I already had at home, but hadn't tried so I didn't buy it.

Friday afternoon we made up the cake mix at home and it was delicious!  So I went back late that night and bought the remaining 4 packages for $1.99 each - really a bargain considering the cost of GF flour and how fast it is to whip up some cupcakes from a mix!  I also happened upon deli pizzas for just $2.99 each.  Whoohoo!  I bought 6 so DH would have easy dinners with the kids.  I also bought 4 containers of GF pizza dough (makes 4 servings each for DD#2) at $2.49 each, some naturally colored jelly beans for $1.99, and bananas at $0.69/lb.  I spent $39.13.

On Sunday I stopped at Fred Meyer for a couple things.  We were expecting company for dinner and I needed a couple things.  I ended up spending $51.48!  EEP!  I always find so many great things at Fred Meyer.  I bought ground sausage, brown sugar, a loaf of bread, parsley, 3 boxes of cereal, coffee, garlic, 2 creamers, a gallon of organic milk, 4 cans of olives, sour cream, clearance star pasta, and 2# shredded cheese.

I stopped at another QFC to see if there were more GF spice cake mixes on clearance.  No luck, but I did get clearance tomatoes.  4 bags at $0.99 each and about 9# total.  It was $3.96.
No eggs
Milk was $12.87
Week 45 total groceries: $128.49
Total year-to-date 2014: $4,105.71
Weekly Average: $91.24

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