Monday, November 17, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 46 - $123.86

I went to Albertson's Monday when I had a half hour to kill.  I spent $12.46 on food including sprinkles for $0.25 each in black and orange, 2 bell peppers, 6 8-packs of Juicy Juice for $1.00 each, a dozen day-old donuts, and some day-old baguette rounds.

Tuesday night I ran down to QFC for lice shampoo (more on that another day) because DH was flying out early Wednesday morning.   While there I found lots of clearance Halloween candy - 5 bags for $6.45, a couple of pomegranates, and 4 packs of pepperoni.  I spent $16.45.

Friday I finally made it to Champion Foods in Issaquah.  Hooray!  I bought a 25# bag of GF Oatmeal.  It was $39.50, but I have been desperate for certified GF oatmeal so I splurged.  I also picked up 6 small bags of chips for a total of $2.00, some box mixed quinoa for $2.00 each, a new GF cracker for $1.50, and something else for $2.55 that I can't remember because I didn't take a picture.  I spent $51.55. 

And finally, I had an emergency run to the store on Sunday after church.  I had baked a pan of brownies for a potluck dinner, but found out at 10:30 the dinner was actually a lunch!  So I hauled 4 kids into the store and bought ice cream, whipped cream, and 2 toppings for our dessert contribution.  I picked up a loaf of GF bread (for DD#2 to use instead of a bun at the potluck) and I also got GF corndogs there because they're the only store I've found that carries them!  I spent $30.53. 

Milk delivery was $12.87

Total spending for week 46: $123.86
Year-to-date total: $4,229.57
Weekly Average: $91.95


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