Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 44 - $216.69

What is it about fall and spending a ton on groceries?  My aunt and I had a conversation last week about this.  She shared that in her parents' generation it was common to have fall stock-up sales and lots of "case" prices on canned goods for people to load up in preparation for winter.  We speculated that it was a holdover from our agricultural roots when food is harvested and stored to last throughout the year.  When storms that stranded people at home were more common and we weren't so spoiled with a visit to the grocery store every couple of days.  It was fun to speculate, but of course I don't really know why I keep spending so much.  I think I just like to be prepared! 

First up Fred Meyer to pick up eggs & bread.  My mama was coming to visit and she likes her breakfast.  I found some GF crackers and cookies on clearance to try.  I spent $27.95.

Next I went to Albertsons to pick up GM cereal that was on sale and included Chex - finally!  They were out of Rice, but I was happy with Corn & Apple Cinnamon.  I found shortening and a sugar-free apple pie on clearance.  I picked up bacon and Greek yogurt on sale.  I spent $27.33 altogether.

I popped into QFC for tortilla chips one day and found some dressing and sausage links on clearance.  I spent $6.66.

A different QFC yielded more clearance apples, another bottle of clearance dressing and clearance bacon.  I also bought a bunch of pepperoni, and spent $14.93.

The cord that connects my camera to my laptop disappeared about this point.  So while I have photos on my camera, you don't get to enjoy them on the blog.

DH and I had a big discussion about bulk buying chicken that resulting in my heading to Albertson's to ask about buying a case of boneless, skinless chicken breast.  They agreed so I spent over half of my grocery money on 40# of chicken at $1.79/lb.  I also picked up creamer, yogurt, nitrate free hot dogs for $1.49 each, 3 packages of chocolate chips in preparation for holiday baking and got a sweet deal on popcorn: Buy 1 3-pack of microwave popcorn, get a second and 2 - 2 liters of 7-up for free.  I spent $96.43!

I also spent $2 at Dollar Tree on imitation vanilla (I know, I know) and green tea bags.

I was at Fred Meyer later that day because I realized I had forgotten to pick up Pull-ups and coffee filters.  Gah!  And of course, another trip to the store means another $16.35 on groceries.

Finally, one more stop at Albertsons on my way to book club because I didn't allow enough time make an hors d'oevre and I ended up spending $11.17 on more chocolate chips and several items off the clearance bakery rack.  Seriously, how could I resist 4 croissants for $0.99?  Or 4 cinnamon rolls for that matter? 

Milk delivery was $12.87 and I finally hooked up with my friend for eggs (hooray!) and spent $10.00.  I also am reducing my spending by $7.00 because I made a math error last week.

Total spending week 44: $216.69
Total year-to-date Groceries: $3,977.22
Weekly Average 2014: $90.39


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