Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 47 - $283.84!

Wowee Groceries!  I felt like I shopped constantly this week as I tried to score lots of sale deals.

I went to Albertsons on Tuesday between therapy and well-child appointments for 2 kids.  I found Twinings Tea on clearance for $1.00/box, as well as microwave popcorn for $1.00/box.  Creamer was on sale for $0.99 and microwave dinners were $0.69 each.  DH asked me to buy a few to have on hand when there aren't dinner leftovers.  I also picked up bananas, pears, and  carrots.  I spent $31.89.

I went to QFC with DD#1 on Wednesday.  I wanted to pick up the 2# cheese for $5.99 and I found lots of other great stuff on clearance.  Large organic yogurt was on clearance for $0.99, small cups were $0.29, $0.49, & $0.49.  Neufchatel was only $0.49 each!  12 oz sausage patties were $1.99 each and hummus was $0.99.  The broth was $0.50 each.  I am using so much broth these days with the GF cooking that I decided I should be stocking up at the holiday prices.  I spent $42.13. 

Next I headed to Safeway for the Rice Krispies on sale 3/$5.  We were getting an oil change for the car on Friday so I took all 4 kids shopping at the Safeway next to the Jiffy Lube.  I had lots of coupons to combine with the sale items and decided to spend the $35 to buy the turkey for $0.69/lb.  I bought 6 boxes of cereal in total for an average price of $1.25 each.  4# C& H sugar averaged $1.61, Chex Mixes were $0.75 each, Chicken broth were $0.46 each, evaporated milk was $0.73/each, 3# grapes were $5.00, and Pam were $2.49 each, Ritz crackers (for party trays) were $1.62/each, and I paid regular price for a cucumber and sour cream.  Altogether I spent $55.24 including the turkey.

On Saturday I visited Fred Meyer as I didn't want to miss out on $2 Martinelli's and the International Delight creamer for $2.00 after MC.  I also bought 3/$5 Nabisco crackers and $2.00 ice cream.  I spent $24.50 after coupons. 

I almost never go to Haggen, but I'm sure glad I went this week!  I noticed, hidden on the back page of their ad, that Chex were on sale 4/$6!  Of course I had to go get that deal as GF cereals are so limited.  I scored some amazing clearance deals, too!  Lunchmeat was on sale for $3.00 each (with purchase of 4) so I was delighted to find 4 packages with $2.00 off coupons.  That made each 8 oz. package only $1.00 each!  Next I found lots of dented cans in the markdown bins.  $0.22 for white kidney beans, $0.30 for 5 cans of green beans (hello Thanksgiving casserole!), $0.28 black black beans, and $0.57 each for organic refried beans.  I also got applesauce cups for $0.15 each.  And I didn't get them into the picture, but I bought a dozen cans of olives for $1.00 each.  The cereal was an average of $1.25 after sale & MC.  Altogether I spent $29.89. 

I also went to Albertsons because they had butter on sale for $2.49.  Finally, some butter on sale!  They also had sales of $0.99 for 10# potatoes and $0.99 for 2# brown sugar.  I also got 3/$5 crackers again and clearance donuts & cinnamon rolls (see photo below).  I spent $18.69 at Albertsons.  I also put $6.00 veggies in this photo that I got a Target. 

Here is a photo of the olives, donuts, and cinnamon rolls that didn't make it into earlier photos.
The sales were so good at Albertsons I played hooky from church on Sunday morning to go to the Albertsons next door.  I have only found the GF corndogs at this particular Albertsons so I bought two boxes, along with the $0.99 brown sugar, 3/$5 crackers, and $2.49 butter.  I also got Coffeemate for $2.00 each after MC.  I spent $34.95.
 Finally, I made one more trip to QFC.  I was looking for a certain type of Pull-Up I'd seen on clearance earlier in the weekend and I found a package!  Foodwise I bought a pomegranate, some more cheese, ground beef on clearance, and some lollipops for $0.49.  Lollipops are such a good car snack because it keeps the kids occupied for a few glorious minutes.  =)  I spent $22.68 on food.
Milk was $12.87
Eggs were $5.00
Total Week 47 Groceries: $283.84!!!
Total Year to date 2014: $4,513.41
Weekly Average: $96.03 - a big leap from $91.95 last week!
I hope I spend far less this coming week.  I think the sales were just so spectacular approaching Thanksgiving I wanted to stock up.  In particular, we use so much brown sugar, butter, and coffee creamer that I felt it would be prudent to stock up. 
So expect a much smaller week next week! 


  1. Regarding the coffee creamer, not sure on the total price, but if you have someone with a Costco membership, they typically have 3 packs of sweetened condensed milk at a very good price this time of year only (I stock up!). If you mix it with 2-2 1/2 cups of milk and add a tsp of flavor (like vanilla) you have really, really yummy coffee creamer without the hydrogenated oil, etc. I know coffee creamer is cheap this time of year, but if you were to stock up on sweetened condensed milk that goes on sale right now (check the dented cans, too, I sometimes find them there) and use it in the spring when creamer is regular priced, it might be a cost savings :D

  2. Erin - That is an awesome idea. I have been wanting to get away from the horrible junk in creamers, but haven't had the margin/made it enough of a priority yet. I'll give it a try and see if DH goes for it. Thank you!


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