Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Week 30 Groceries - $100.79

This week was a little more back to normal - Thank Goodness! 

First up was a trip to Costco for potluck stuff.  I was making a taco bar so I needed chips & cheese.  I went ahead a picked up a couple other things, too and spent $41.44 total.

Next was QFC for sour cream and to look for GF cereal at a reasonable price.  We are trying out rice krispies and cornflakes (which both have malt aka. barley) to see if our kiddo is affected.  So far we think it's just a wheat sensitivity and not necessarily ALL gluten.  We'll keep an eye on the barley effects.  Anyway, I spent $14.74 on the stuff in the picture plus a clearance $2.99 deli pizza that isn't in the picture.

I seriously wish Albertsons was closer because I keep finding amazing clearance deals there.  I got 11 cups of greek yogurt for  $1.20 total!  And picked up lots of pudding 4-packs for $0.75 each.  I don't love processed food, but it's a quick GF snack and a stock-up price.  I spent $11.74 in total.

My friend had a bounty of eggs this week so I bought 10 dozen for $20.00!  And milk was $12.87.

Total Week 30: $100.79
Total Year-to-Date 2014: $2,396.83
Weekly Average in 2014: $79.89


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