Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Week 27 Groceries - $48.37

This week has also been full of travel.  I was only home 2.5 days between our California trip and a trip down to my folks' in Oregon.  I didn't have time while home to shop much or prepare food for my visit so I just took some cheese, lettuce, milk & tortilla chips.  Otherwise my mom fed the kids and I.  Poor DH had to eat cold cereal and whatever he could find in the freezer. 

While I was home I went to QFC for creamer.  I spent $17.04 on these few things.

I went to Costco and spent just $14.46 on lettuce, veggie straws, chips, & bananas.

This week I was also given all of this gluten free stuff from my sweet Aunt who is moving soon.  It included flour, bagel chips, 2 scone mixes, cake mix, muffin mix, cereal, & 4 pastas of various sizes.  I also was given 2 bags of conventional flour a couple of weeks ago by another friend who was moving so I put them in the picture, too.  

I did see my friend this week for eggs - $4.00. 
Milk delivery $12.87

Total for week 27: $48.37
Total groceries year-to-date: $1,908.07
Weekly Average: $70.67


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