Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 29 - $225.13!

Wowee!  I spent a lot this week!  I think it was bulk buying some fruit, some good sales at Fred Meyer, and finally being home after 3 weeks of very busy traveling.

My parents arrived on Monday and I had little food in the house.  So we headed to Fred Meyer where there was a lot on sale.  I got all this for $46.50!  4 boxes of cereal, 4 coffee creams, 4 peanut butter jars, 4# frozen chicken breast, and much more!

This was a dollar store visit to kill some time while DD#2 was at daycamp.  I spent $5.00 on stuff to take camping in a few weeks.

Back to Fred Meyer for more cereal and I found the Oscar Meyer hot dogs that were on sale included these "select" ones that are nitrate free.  Whoo!  And I got this markdown round steak which is just what I needed for my night of cooking for the big group camping.  I spent $26.04.  Not pictured ice cream and doritos.

Two flats of blueberries were $40.  And a flat of raspberries were $22.

One more trip to Fred Meyer and I found 3 packages of sausage on clearance for $1.99.  I spent $22.72.

This was a QFC trip where I found sausage for $1.99 again.  I spent $17.09.

One more trip to Fred Meyer on Saturday at $23.66

and a half box of apricots for $9.25.  One of my kids tripped and fell onto the box smashing several apricots.  It was pretty funny and I had to try hard not to laugh so I wouldn't injure her feelings.  Poor kid was very distressed that she damaged the fruit.

No eggs and our milk was $12.87. 

Week 29 - I spent a whopping $225.13!
Year to date 2014: $2,296.04
Weekly Average: $79.17

Love, Katie

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