Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Menu Plan

I'm switching my menu plan to Thursdays for now.  My very part-time job on Wednesdays has an excellent perk of leftover food so I will plan on Thursdays to incorporate those leftovers.

I'm also trying to use up food in my freezer and pantry.

Smoothies at least 3 times (uses peaches, blueberries, & bananas from freezer)
Hard boiled eggs
Small rolls with cheese
Cinnamon/sugar toast

Thursday - egg salad on toast & honeydew (leftovers)
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Big snack before Birthday Party
Sunday - Soup
Monday - chicken nuggets & tater tots
Tuesday - pbj

Thursday - French Toast
Friday - Sloppy Joes (leftovers) & Salad
Saturday - Macaronda & Salad (pantry noodles)
Sunday - Super Bowl - Chili & Cornbread (leftovers) & Salad
Monday - Lemon Chicken (freezer) & couscous (pantry) & Salad
Tuesday - Pizza


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