Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 3 $68.60

I had to go the store immediately when we were back in town, but I tried to keep my purchases to just perishables.  I always try to start the year with a Pantry Challenge to use up things in a bulging pantry and freezer.  This year has been no exception.

I dropped in to Fred Meyer for a few items DD1 requested for a recipe she wanted to try and found a couple other things, too.  I spent $14.60 for this stuff.  The coffee creamer was on clearance.

I also stopped at QFC and bought lots of dairy.  The organic plain yogurts were only $2.00 and the bacon was for baked potato soup I was making for two families at church (along with my own family). I regretfully bypassed a couple of things in the clearance dry goods that I would have bought if I wasn't having the Pantry Challenge.  I spent $28.26.
I had signed up for snacks at church, but just didn't have time to make anything in our first week back at home so on the way to church we swung into QFC for donuts even though they are ridiculously priced at $0.79 each or about $9.00 per dozen.  So I was really pleased to find 2 dozen in the bakery markdowns and they were decorated in Seahawks colors and sprinkles!  Woohoo!  Those were $9.00 total and I didn't get a photo before they were eaten.
We also had our milk delivery for $16.74.  This is increased from 2013 because I switched to organic.
Total groceries for Week 3: $68.60
Total groceries 2014 to date: $73.33
Average weekly spending through Week 3: $24.44

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