Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Groceries Week 1 - $4.73

Well Christmas is mostly put away, but the taxes still loom.  One payroll tax filing has to be postmarked by Friday and there's lots of work to do before then to produce the information that goes onto the form.

Today's a sick day since DD4 has a cough and slight fever.  I decided I'd go ahead and use the 'free' time to catch up on the grocery posts before I forget what I bought!

I actually bought these two items at the very end of 2013, but they fell into the
2014 Week 1 budget.   I spent $4.73 at Safeway.

We left town just 2 days later so this is the whole of that week's groceries.  I didn't get milk as we were leaving town.

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