Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 49 Groceries - $143.67

The busy holidays are catching up with me!  I am late with my grocery shopping post, but I am determined to finish out our year of recording grocery costs.

I started Week 49 out of town and was home only one very busy day before I got busy working in the church kitchen for one of our church's biggest events of the year for 3 more days.  I didn't have much time to shop!

On Thursday morning I headed to Kent to pickup a big bulk food order.  My gals and I had ordered over 900 pounds of food!  Praise the Lord for a big vehicle!  Praise the Lord DH was able to be with the younger 3 girls because I didn't have room them and all that food in the car!  Praise the Lord for so many servants who make it possible for lots of families to get great prices on healthy food. 

I didn't take a picture of all the food, but here's a shot of my fully loaded pantry bins:

I spent $72.98 on:
25 pounds rolled oats - $12.75
10 pounds organic millet - $9.98
0.5 pound organic bay leaves - $7.00
1 pound cinnamon - $7.00
20 pounds pinto beans - $15.00
25 pounds 5-grain rolled cereal - $21.25

By Saturday I was beat having worked 30+ hours in 3 days at church, but I couldn't miss out on the Fred Meyer sales that were ending that night!  I spent $36.93.
Wheat Thins - $1.99 ($0.75/2 MC x2) = $1.62 each
Ritz - $2.50 ($0.75/2 MC) = $2.12 each
C & H Sugar - $1.67
Hot Dog Buns - $0.79 each on clearance
Butter - $1.79 each
Banana - $0.64/lb
Nestle Morsels - $1.88 ( $1.00/2 MC) = $1.38 each
Cheese - $4.99 each
Neufchatel - $0.89 each

And on Sunday afternoon I stopped in at QFC for the $0.99/lb ham.  I bought these 2 for a total of $22.60.

Milk Delivery was $11.16

There has been a lack of fresh fruit in the last two weeks.  I have been so busy I can barely make it to the store and we have been using lots of our canned applesauce, peaches and pears from this summer.

I spent $143.67 this week.
Year to date spending is up to $5, 006.47
Weekly Average is $102.17


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