Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Grocery Shopping Week 51 - $128.51

I went to Costco on Friday to stock up on essentials.  We have 6 extra adults, a teenage boy and a baby in the house on top of the usual 6 of us.  I spent $72.06 but one of the kids had the receipt and it's lost now. 

2 - 6 packs of romaine, taco seasoning, coffeemate, shredded cheese, 2 packs of bananas, salsa, pears, butter, cheese, sausage, & tortillas

I also went to Fred Meyer & QFC on Saturday morning before company arrived.  I spent $23.63 at Fred Meyer and $21.66 at QFC.
8 boxes cereal
3 small cans of coffee
4 pounds of green beans (not pictured - for a party)
2 - 6 packs Yami on clearance
2# cheese
2 sour creams
box of tea
broken peppermint stick (kiddo dropped)
candy canes
2 bags of candy for guests
2 coffeemate
clearance cans - 3 tomatoes, olives, 4 pineapple
2 pomegranates
clearance lemons, oranges

I'm not putting all the amounts in this week as I'm just exhausted and very overdue posting for Week 51 anyway. 

We also had milk for $11.61

Total weekly spending: $128.51
Total Year to date: $5,242.21
Weekly Average: $102.79


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