Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Groceries Week 52 - $93.47

This week was pretty crazy with 8 extra people in the house.  I have been happily busy, but I couldn't find my camera a couple of times and I didn't have time to search for it.  Also, our gracious guests picked up groceries a few times to help out with costs.

This was a Dollar Store trip for just $3.00.  Mustard, relish, Maraschino cherries.

My sweet Father in law loves ice cream so I picked some up to go along with our pie on Christmas Eve.  I spent $6.98.
Next, I went to Fred Meyer on Thursday for the 75% off Christmas deals and a few food items.  I spent $9.84 on clearance food items stuff.
$1.00 - 6 cucumbers!
$1.00 - 4 yellow squash!
$1.49 - canned artichoke hearts
$0.49 - canned pineapple
$0.39 - canned corn
$1.39 - canned enchilada sauce
$0.49 - canned mandarin oranges
$1.09 - whole wheat pita
$2.50 - hummus (not on clearance, but on sale)
I went to a different Fred Meyer on Saturday for a few items I needed for a party on Sunday.  I scored a bunch of 75% off Christmas deals again and bought those food items for $10.65.
$1.39 each - 2 cans of black olives (full price!)
$6.49 - 2# brick of jack cheese
$0.49 - half gallon of chocolate milk on clearance
$0.89 - bunch of parsley
Finally, I went to Fred Meyer a final time with my sister-in-law because I was out of pull-ups and she needed to get her husband's watch battery replaced.  Fred Meyer jewelers did the job and I found a couple clearance food deals along with my pull-up purchase.  I spent $2.06 on the food.
$0.59 - Corn Flakes
$0.49 each - 3 cream of mushroom soup
We also had milk delivery.  With all of our guests I had a larger delivery for $16.74.
I realized this week (when the check cleared) that I forgot to record a big purchase from a couple weeks ago.  Our church kitchen ministry had ordered a lot of lasagna, but it was delayed in arriving and as it turned out the church wasn't able to serve it as expected.  So it was available to buy at cost.  It was a splurge, but I bought a whole case - 6 pans - of Stouffer's lasagna serving 12 at a cost of $7.40 each or $44.20.  And now I realize it should have been $44.40.  Whoops - shorted the church $0.20.  Anyway, I'm so glad I made the purchase because ALL the lasagna has been eaten by our myriad of guests the last few weeks.  And it certainly afforded me more time to spend with them as I wasn't having to prepare dinner other than salad those nights.
This week's grocery total including the lasagnas was $93.47
My Total grocery spending in 2013 was $5,335.68
My weekly average in 2013 was $102.61
Overall, $103 per week isn't too shabby.  Next year I want to continue to make healthier choices and buy more organic foods, but inflation is expected to show up more in food in 2014 so we'll see how I do.  ;) 

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