Thursday, November 22, 2012

Roasted Beet and Potato Soup

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! 

Earlier this week we tried a new recipe for beets.  We received organic beets and potatoes from our church's gleaning ministry and put them to good used in Roasted Beet and Potato Soup.

The photo we saw attached to recipe showed hot pink soup and my girls were very excited to create it in our own kitchen, but alas!  The beets weren't red, but yellow so our soup turned out yellow, too.

Our beets are yellow on the inside!

Peeled & Chopped beets only made a little over 1 cup when we were supposed to have 2 cups.

Luckily, the potatoes when scrubbed and chopped made nearly 3 cups instead of the 2 needed.

Roasted Beets & Potatoes with olive oil drizzle.

Onions, celery, and garlic were sauteed.  Then we added a huge cube of turkey stock that had been our freezer for 7 months.  I was happy to finally use this!

DD#3 burned herself helping cook.  An onion landed on her arm and she let it stay there while she cried and asked me for help!  Life Lesson: When something burning hot lands on you, GET IT OFF!
Blending the soup.  Christmas list item: Immersion Blender!
Adding the milk - I actually used heavy cream.

Delicious!  We ate it with a day old baguette we also were given from church. 
DH wasn't a huge fan.  He said, "At least it's creamy" and ate his whole bowl and seconds.  I am so thankful for a non-picky husband!  The girls all ate theirs, too, but DD#4 in particular loved it.  She kept saying "More!" when the bowl emptied.


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