Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Update

Hi Readers!

Yesterday some MOPS mamas mentioned that I hadn't been posting so I thought I'd explain here what I told them yesterday. Posts have been sparse because:

1) It's just been busy. I am desperately trying to get the garden finished, we've have company, and I was out of town, too.

2) I usually post in the mornings, but have made a renewed commitment to myself that I can't use the computer until I spend time with the Lord, either in Bible study or in dedicated, uninterrupted prayer time - Or both! That means I have to post later in the day and sometimes I just don't get to it. I'm trying to get up earlier so I can have a quiet time and blog before the kids get up.

3) DH has been really busy at work so I am more tired than usual with the kiddos and have been tired at night.

All this to say I hope to be more consistent, but I am trying to get my priorities in order, too. I also have more friends and family visiting, a trip to Cleveland, and a trip to Oregon in the next few weeks so no promises, but I'll do my best! I miss writing about what I've been doing!

On another note, our topic yesterday in MOPS was about leaving a legacy for future generations and how are we establishing that as we raise our little ones. Today when I flipped my devotional calendar I was encouraged by the following prayer, "Lord, please bless my family for generations to come. May the Christian teachings we instill be passed from one generation to the next. Grant each dear one wisdom and strength."


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