Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meal Plan with Naomi

I worked all weekend at church for a big Tea event and was in the kitchen for most of that time. As we made pretty tea sandwiches we didn't use the 'heels' of about 40 loaves of bread. One woman was tidying up and couldn't see throwing them all away and asked if my kids would eat 'heels'. In truth, we probably wouldn't use them for sandwiches, but I absolutely love heels for toast with an egg on top (I eat this about five mornings a week) and heels also make good french toast. So I accepted and I now have about 60 'heels' of bread in addition to about a loaf and a half of cheap, white bread we didn't use for sandwiches.

I was also given lots of lettuce that was fading fast and not nice enough to serve. We're planning to use lots of that and we're also trying to use freezer items up so I can finally unplug our 'spare' freezer for the summer.

Monday - Grilled Cheese (leftover bread)
Tuesday - French Toast (bread heels)
Wednesday - Nachos (shredded cheese from freezer)
Thursday - Pizza (freezer)
Friday - quesadillas (freezer chicken, tortillas, shredded cheese)
Saturday - Mac'n'cheese with hot dogs (Daddy lunch)
Sunday - PBJ (leftover bread) (Daddy lunch)

Monday - Taco salad (lettuce)
Tuesday - sour cream chicken/rice (chicken and chicken broth from freezer)
Wednesday - Swedish meatballs (freezer meal)
Thursday - Potato Soup (milk, bacon, shredded cheese from freezer)
Friday - Mexican dip (Daddy dinner - Mom makes ahead)
Saturday - Burritos (Daddy dinner - freezer meal)
Sunday - likely company for dinner - possibly ham, possibly macaronada

I'm also taking two freezer dinners out of town with me for the girls' weekend away at a friend's cabin.

I purposefully chose meals that wouldn't have a lot of leftovers so that I could send frozen leftovers with my husband for his lunches.


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