Friday, October 22, 2010

We're Back!

Hello! Baby Phoebe is six weeks old and I thought it was about time I got down to business. Silly me, I thought three weeks would be enough and loaded up blog posts for that time period SO confident I'd be back to 'normal' life by then. Ha!

While the adjustment to Phoebe has been smooth, she does take up lot of time! Sitting down to feed an infant five times a day definitely a time-sucker - and another sucker!

OK - so DH had a good idea for the blog that will make me feel more organized and less overwhelmed. He thought I should try a general schedule that will give me a plan for the week. He knows me so well and how a plan and the possibility (no matter how remote) of accomplishment makes me feel in control.

Mondays - Menu plan
Tuesdays - Kitchen tips or recipes/meal swap posts
Wednesdays - Updates: Monthly, weekly, encouragement & other cool stuff
Thursdays - Non-kitchen tips
Fridays - Article/Series (seriously the hardest part of blogging for me!)
Saturdays - Friday Project
Sundays - Weekend Shopping

I'll of course, be posting about other deals and cool stuff I hear about, too, but this is just a general guideline to help me feel like I can still blog with 4 kids!

Welcome Back to Me!

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