Monday, October 25, 2010

Meal plan & more shopping

So I thought I was done shopping for the week, but then a great Safeway coupon for Tyson breaded chicken for $3.99 at Safeway. I also had a $10/$50 coupon! Then I updated the budget and was bummed because there only $20 left for the month and I'd have to spend $40 on groceries to use the coupon. I would just get the chicken nuggets.

Then a friend asked me to pick up a few things for her and as it worked out I was able to use the $10/$50 coupon and only spent $19.27 on my own groceries!

I got some great clearance deals at Safeway including 1/2 gallon organic milk for $1.49, Gerber DHA infant oatmeal for $1.09 each can (original $3.19), and an Activia 4-pack for only $.25 ($1.00 and a $.75MC).

The menu plan is weird this week because I'm taking the girls to visit my mom for 5 days and DH is staying home.

Monday Dinner - Macaronada, Salad
Tuesday Dinner - Lasagna (leftovers for DH), salad
Wednesday to Saturday out of town (I've been packaging up leftovers for DH to eat)
Sunday - hamburgers


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  1. I have to ask what Macaronada is! It sounds like a combination of macaroni and enchilada. Is that it? And if so, will you share the recipe? Those are two of our favorite things. :)


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