Saturday, October 23, 2010

September Wrap-up - Totally late!

Here we are on October 23rd & I'm very tardy in filling you in on my September goals!
  • I hoped to pay down the timeshare a bit more. We did make a small payment, but it was only 3% of the total payoff. That's 43% all together in 3 months though which is still pretty great. It was all 'found money' including babysitting pay, a 'cash back' rebate from our credit card (used to buy plane tickets several months ago, paid off immediately), and grocery rebate check.
  • I hoped to keep up with the Resourceful Gifting posts, but that didn't happen.
  • $160 for groceries ended up $201.25 after we adjusted mid-month to $200.
  • I am caught up on laundry (amazing!) but am not using the clothesline. I am recovered enough to carry it, but it's been cold and my time has been consumed.
  • I did have a quick recovery, but I did too much too fast and had to slow it down a couple of times. I'm 100% now, physically, but we haven't found our new 'normal' yet.

Goals for October (or the last week of it anyway!):

  • Use the clothesline at least once - small, but hopefully manageable if these nice afternoons linger.
  • Start pulling out the garden - I have two weekends to accomplish this one.
  • We planned $200 for groceries this month.
  • Pay another bit of Timeshare off. Again it'll have to be "found money" so I'm going to start searching!
  • Get Eve's homeschool rolling again. We've really been hit or miss since Phoebe's arrival.
  • At least one Resourceful Gifting post.
Wish me luck!


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