Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 24 - $125.38

Week 24 was a bit frantic.  Mom finished up her visit, we had a couple of days of packing & Lularoe, and then we were in Colorado at the end of the week. I was trying to use up what we had on hand before leaving town at the start of the week.  I didn't take any grocery photos.

Tuesday I found myself with a few extra minutes so I dashed in to Costco for a couple of lasagnas I had committed to bring to a church event.  While there I got some organic juice boxes, shredded cheddar, organic fruit snacks, cheese pizza, organic chicken thighs, and organic something else I can't identify from the receipt that was on sale for $6.59.  I spent $87.77

Thursday I picked up a gallon of milk for $2.99.  It was on clearance and I figured we'd use it before we left.  

Friday we dropped those lasagnas at church on the way to the airport.

Saturday my sister-in-law and I shopped in Colorado.  I bought organic milk, daiya pizza, daiya brick cheese, clearance romaine hearts, two loaves of garlic bread, coconut milk, and a loaf of gluten free sandwich bread.  I spent $34.62.

Week 24 Total: $125.38
YTD 2017: $3,169.14
Weekly Average: $132.05

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