Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 22 - $96.95

I stopped into QFC for a couple things my Mom asked me to pick up and found some crazy deals.  GF crackers were just $0.39 so I bought 6 boxes.  Canned pears were just $0.39 so I bought 10 cans.  There were probably 50 cans, but I prefer to give my kids fresh fruit or organic fruit that I've canned so I stopped at 10.  There were also squeeze fruit pouches for $0.99/box.  I bought 10 4-pack boxes since they were at my $0.25/ea price point.  Organic milk was on clearance for $2.99 each, and organic cottage cheese was on clearance for $1.49.  I bought grapes that were on sale for $1.48/lb, bananas, a trio of green bell peppers on clearance for $1.00, a package of gf/df meatballs, a bag of fritos, a bag of goldfish, and clearance organic hot dog buns.  I also got a clearance deli chicken, and 2 more clearance GF pizza crusts.  I spent just $51.88 on ALL THIS!

My friend Stephanie told me about a new Cash 'n' Carry so I went to check it out when I was in the neighborhood and had about 10 minutes to squeeze in a stop.  I bought 2 mangos, a hand of bananas, a  pack of zucchini, 18 eggs, and a #10 can of applesauce.  I spent $15.67.

DH stopped at the store for me once this week, too.  He picked up a pound of butter and a bag of chocolate chips along with some vitamin water for himself.  He spent $11.88.

Late in the week my mom went to the store and picked up a few things for me including a gallon of milk, some strawberries, some peaches, eggs, and a couple other things I don't remember but it was about $20 and I gave her $20.

Week 22 Total: $96.95
YTD 2017 Total: $2,906.00
Weekly Average: $132.09

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