Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 23 - $137.76

I'm several weeks behind in posting.  Life has been crazy with LuLaRoe starting up, the contractors finishing up, and a trip to Colorado.   I barely even took photographs, but I kept all my receipts.

Monday I was at QFC for coffee.  I also grabbed some organic candy that DD2's Sunday school teacher asked for for a party.  I spent $10.49.

Wednesday morning I was back at QFC for daiya cheese & milk.  I also bought cereal, crackers, and 3 coffee creamers.  I found organic cottage cheese on clearance for $1.79, sour cream on clearance for $0.99, and organic hot dog buns for $1.49 each.  Finally, I bought a kiddo a doughnut and myself a piece of pie on clearance.  I spent $32.80.

Wednesday night I went to Costco and bought chili powder, bananas, curry simmer sauce, organic salsa, organic tortilla chips, more coffee, organic mac'n'cheese, organic eggs, organic peas, organic pasta sauce, and 2 pounds of organic butter.  I spent $94.47.

Week 23 Total: $137.76
YTD 2017 : $3,043.76
Weekly Average: $132.34


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