Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 32 - $31.95

We camped the first half of the week and DD1 broke her arm on Thurday night requiring an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital, xrays, then another ambulance ride to Seattle Children's, more xrays, a terrible, horrible manual partial realignment to move a protruding bone away from the spot where it was nearly puncturing the skin (Praise the Lord they knocked her out) and then surgery Friday morning where they resituated the bones, muscle and an artery (!) that was wrapped around the bone and put 3 pins in the bottom end of her humerus.  We were kept overnight for observation, mostly because of the artery, and finally were able to come home Saturday late morning.  Phew!

We had another camping trip scheduled to start Saturday but we cancelled it. So I have all sorts of 'camping food' ready to go that we'll be eating this next week.

This week I went to a store near the campground Monday for ketchup, lettuce, & hot dogs.  I found these packages of no sugar added fruit cups for $1.25 each and bought 4.  Lettuce & one package of fruit not pictured.  I only spent $9.83.

I picked all this from the garden when I got home from the hospital Saturday afternoon.

I went to Fred Meyer late Saturday night to buy milk and of course, bought a bunch of other stuff.  I got organic salad mix for $1.99, a kale salad mix for $1.79, nitrate-free beef hot dogs are $3.50/pack, some vegan cheese on clearance for $2.29, fresh mozzarella for $4.99, 3 organic apples for $1.00, organic potatoes for $3.99, crackers for $1.67 each with a $1.00/2 coupon, and the organic milk.  I had a $10.82 reward to use so I only spent $22.12 altogether.

Finally!  A small week.

Week 32 Total: $31.95
YTD 2016 Total: $5,106.06
Weekly Average: $159.56

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