Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 31 - $347.27

Another big week.  The bulk buying is killer.

My first stop was Monday night at QFC. I had a coupon for $5.00 off two organic formulas expiring that day & I wanted to use it.  I also bought fake sour cream for DD2, a clearance mozzarella ball for $2.99, a bag of clearance apples for $0.99, a few bananas, clearance organic beef for $5.99/lb, and a gallon of organic milk.  I spent $60.31.  

Tuesday I had arranged to pick up 100# of apples from Tonnemakers just about 4 miles down the road from our house.  He gave me exactly 100# and I handed over $100.

Also Tuesday I stopped in at County Market for the last day of their ad.  I bought 3 bags of daiya cheese for $3.99 each and a package of udi's buns for $3.99, too.  We will have some bbq pulled turkey soon as well as hamburgers on a camping trip so buns are needed.  I spent $15.96.

Since we were in Woodinville we stopped at The Dollar Tree.  I wanted to get one thing: a new plastic cup for DD4 since hers had cracked.  But since I was there I bought more pepperoni for $5.00.

Tuesday was also the last day of the Haggen ad.  There were several coupons I wanted to use, but you had to spend $50 so the girls and I did some careful shopping.  Our groceries totaled $51.26 and we used 5 coupons for $2.00 off each, paying $41.26 after coupons. We   bought 4 cans of olives, organic coconut milk, organic graham crackers, vegetable oil, grapes, a watermelon, a daiya pizza, an organic whole chicken on clearance for $11.71, and some potatoes, green onions, and a red onion I needed for a potluck baked potato bar. 

I was back at Haggen Wednesday.  I had forgotten to get yellow onions the day before and the new ad had butter for $1.99 and eggs for just $0.99/dozen.  I also got cucumbers that were on sale for $0.79/each spending $8.79 total.

I stopped back at Tonnemakers Wednesday to return the fruit boxes and picked up a few plums and 2 peaches for the kids.  I spent $1.90.

I picked these veggies on Wednesday.  A small yellow tomato, a lone cherry tomato, a handful of strawberries, a green chile (I think), a yellow squash and a zucchini squash.

I had a quick shopping trip to Fred Meyer on Friday.  I needed to make a veggie tray for a potluck and only had cucumbers & carrots at home so I wanted a couple other things and some hummus.  While at Freddie's I also saw clearance lettuce mixes, clearance udi's muffins, clearance cake mixes, clearance refried beans, and clearance cereal bars.  I spent $16.22 on food.

I had a huge trip to Fred Meyer on Saturday.  I had a pretty good list of things to buy for a camping trip and it just added up.  Tortilla chips, a box of fun cereal (traditional camping treat), corndogs, a loaf of bread, a package of hot dog buns, sour cream & df version, shredded cheese, df butter (these last 3 for the baked potato bar potluck), and chocolate for s'mores.  I also bought more formula because I had another $5.00/2 coupon, some microwave popcorn, myzithra cheese on clearance, hummus, a lime, a deli chicken that was on clearance, and a whole lot of extra sour supreme because it was cheaper than I'd seen it in a long while and has a long shelf life in the fridge.  I spent a whopping $97.83 on this one.

I picked these guys from the garden on Sunday.  An organic zucchini, another yellow squash, 2 wimpy cucumbers, and a big tomato that had been chomped by something. 

Wow.  Week 31 was a whopping $347.27
Year to date total: $5,074.11 (I only spent $5,075 the entire year of 2014)
Weekly Average: $163.68


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