Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekend Shopping & 2 Week Meal Plan

I did all my shopping at Fred Meyer this weekend. Once Saturday morning, the last day of the weekly sales and then on Sunday night, the first day of the new weekly sales.

I spent $49.96 which is well within my goal of $30/week during the pantry challenge. I also have $10 leftover if something comes up - like running out of milk.

I was also able to splurge on one of my favorite treats, hummus and pita! I ALWAYS check for hummus markdowns and was delighted to find some this weekend. You can't see it in the photo, but it's under one of the yogurt cups.

I also strategically bought only non-vanilla yogurt cups for DH's lunches. One of my kiddos only eats vanilla but resists the big tubs. Since I still have 2 tubs left from the last shopping weekend, this forces her to eat the bulk. Bwahaha.

Finally, I bought plain half & half for my own coffee. It's cheaper than the flavored stuff and a teaspoon of sugar does the trick for me.

Two Weeks of Dinners

1. Roast Chicken - From freezer
2. Turkey/Sausage Chili - From freezer
3. Dinner at church
4. "Stone Soup" - Beef bone from freezer, various produce from pantry & fridge
5. Dinner at Small group - providing dessert using canned milk & marshmallow creme from pantry.
6. Macaronada - leftover chicken, pasta from pantry
7. Baked Orzo with chicken, spinach, tomato, & corn - From freezer
8. French Toast - bread in freezer, daddy gone
9. Sour Cream Chicken - Rice from pantry, chicken & broth from freezer
10. Turkey Pot Pie - stuffing from pantry, turkey & veggies from freezer
11. Sausage Soup - broth & sausage from freezer
12. Mexican Dip - from freezer
13. Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki - from freezer
14. Leftovers

The girls and I are going out of town for a couple days so I'm hoping we have lots of leftovers for Daddy!


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