Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 week shopping - $53.59

Remember I'm still doing the pantry challenge so I'm trying to spend only $30/week on groceries in an effort to use what I already have on hand.

I got some sweet deals with markdowns this weekend! I bought 4 gallons of non-fat milk for $2.49 each and decided to use it to make potato soup and biscuits & gravy: two family favorites we usually avoid because the milk makes them expensive meals.

I also got B1G1 markdown Foster Farms chicken breast with panko breading. 14 oz. each package for $2.99 total!

I was pleased to find two packages of bacon for $1.99 each, too.

Even my standard two loaves of bread were on clearance for $.99 each.

My bill was so low (even with a big can of coffee!) that I splurged on some biscotti. Yummy treat for me!

I should note that my bill was helped out by the Fred Meyer rewards that arrived last week.


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